Arcadia Research Project

In Search of Arcadia - the Exploration of Arcadia

Arcadia, as the harmonious unity of grown nature and built culture, creates magical places that allow us to enter into an idea of paradise outside of everyday life - but only if our mind leads them in a dreaming connection to an ideal that is perhaps only a projection to the outside world of what want to be ourselves.

Tracing the places where one feels this almost divine emotion may also mean tracing oneself and trying to approach one´s soul landscape. The garden and the panorama as elementary principles and metaphors of the world - as condensate and fractalof creation.

The drawings are created impressively in afew minutes directly on the copper plates on site. They are permanently inscribed in the material as a souvenir of the experience. The brown copper resembles the color of the earth, just as the copper oxide resembles the green on it.

Oxidized copper plates - find of memory.

The modules can be connected as synapses following the associative relationships.

The work remains open in thought, material and time.


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