Conceptual Paintings

Superficially the pictures with brief, almost gestural brush ductus show historical interiors near to reality. Nevertheless, behind it an exploration of the nearly physically perceptible three-dimensionality takes place, operating with synethetical qualities too. In the church rooms seems discernibly an incense smell and the sound of wide halls, in the palace rooms the splendour struggles with morbidity, in the hotel rooms the fleetingness of the passing life is perceptible with quasi cinematic elements.

The pictures seem almost photographic at first sight, but they are executed sophisticatedly only to low part and nevertheless give to the perception impulses to an apparently exact picture in the head. This conversion leans upon digital picture compression technologies.


The paintings are realized in a specially developed multi-layer mixed media technique, using dipersions, acrylics, oils and resins, which lend big depth and translucidity to the colours.


Below some work examples.



With pleasure I would inspire me within the scope of an order by the rooms, which you introduce to me.

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